Boston Barricade exhibits belief in core values that clients can trust.

Boston Barricade Core Values

At Boston Barricade, we've created a workplace culture of people that are passionate about providing excellent customer service and are dedicated to providing the best enclosure solutions in the business. We understand that providing high-quality modular enclosure systems is only part of the equation; it's when you pair it with unmatched customer service and project management that you create a truly outstanding experience for clients.

We bring the same level of detail and focus to everything we do, from the fabrication, design and install of our enclosures, to the management and oversight of the projects we work on. And we're equally as dedicated to the people who work for and with us, working diligently to create opportunities for people to grow and become the best versions of the themselves at our company. Barricades are important, but it's the people, and the tireless effort they provide every single day, that truly makes our company special.