At Boston Barricade, we don't just build barricades.
We create custom construction modular barricades that provide an unparalleled level of safety while leveraging high-quality graphics to build excitement around future developments. Our dedicated nationwide teams work hand in hand with our clients along the entire process to plan, manage and coordinate every step of the way. From the design and layout of the modular barricade and graphics, to the construction and teardown of the barricade, we provide an unmatched level of service to make sure your project is finished on brand and on time. Download our brochure.

Who We Service


For retailers, we know brand consistency across all projects is key, no matter the location. Because of our nationwide presence, we make sure every project is executed with the same level of design, detail and care, and gets done right, the first time around.


Whether there's one store or ten in your development that needs an enclosure, we custom tailor a solution exactly for your needs. Not only will the enclosure isolate the construction site from the outside world, it'll keep patrons safe while communicating what's still to come.

General Contractors

On any given project, you're already juggling dozens of tasks, people, and deadlines. Let us take making your work site safe and secure off your list. You tell us when it needs to go up and come down, and we'll take care of the rest.


Most airports are known for being safe, secure, and impeccably clean. Our job is to make sure that if there's an active construction site, those characteristics stay consistent. Thankfully, that's what we're already known for!

Custom Fabrication

While we approach every client need as if it's a custom project, we've done barricades, wraps and enclosures of all different sizes and scales. If you need something special, we can custom fabricate and tailor a solution to your exact need, all with the same level of care and detail as our modular systems.

Our Approach


We know no two projects are alike, so no two barricade solutions should be alike, either. We start each project by understanding your needs, budget and timeline, and craft a solution built just for you. Your vision, matched with our expertise is how we make our projects go off without a hitch.


Once we have a plan in place, our team takes a survey of the existing space, taking into account any limitations, perceivable hurdles or unique quirks to come up with a customized solution for the project.


Our wall needs to fit with your construction plans, not the other way around. That's why we review your plans ahead of time, custom tailoring our solution to exactly your needs. We then work to fit into your timeline, setting up install and teardown timing on your schedule to make sure the project doesn't miss a beat.


Understanding how a space is going to evolve during construction is critical to a project's success. To help this process, we create a custom 3D CAD drawing of every barricade we erect so you can see exactly how it'll work with your construction site. Before we even begin, your team will know exactly where the access points will be and we can work together to identify and address any potential friction points ahead of time.


You know it's never just as simple as putting up a barricade and installing graphics. Everyone from the brand, to the developer has to sign off on the look of the project. We simplify this process up front by providing 3D renderings of the the project, setting expectations with all key stakeholders before we start building so everyone knows what the final product will look like.


Whether you have existing visual assets or need help designing something fresh, our team will design, print and install a vinyl wrap to fit your barricade. Give your project a professional look that lets people know exactly what's to come when construction is all done.


The mark of a good install team? Not ever knowing they were there! Our installation experts come in and work through the night to get the job done before everyone comes back to work the next day. The entire project, completed by one team, all in one one night.


As some folks would say, "Pics, or it didn't happen!" And we couldn't agree more. ! Once everything is in place, we visually document and share the finished product to make sure everything is up to your standards. Functionality is important, but we want to make sure it looks fantastic too!

Examples Of Our Work:

Uniqlo - Construction Scaffold & Mesh Banner Wrap
Journeys - Nationwide Graphic Logo Band Program
Tommy Bahama - Mesh Banner Wrap Enclosure