Install Efficiency by One Team
For most, setting up a barricade and installing printed graphics requires multiple specialists for different stages to accomplish one specific task. But at Boston Barricade, each of our crews are made up of the specialists required to get the job done all in one. Our teams are trained in multiple disciplines and work together to create one well-oiled machine capable of handling the entire process from start to finish. This approach makes for optimal operational efficiencies, which is what allows us to quickly complete projects for our clients. Don't get stuck dealing with multiple crews or teams over an extended period of time, when we've got what it takes to knock things out in one night!


We have skilled project managers that work directly with you or your marketing department or advertising agency. We help you develop a consistent graphics package for use on all of your barricade projects.


Company-owned regional service centers ensure timely service. Our fleet of vehicles is dispatched nightly and company employees staff our service centers so that your important project is never out of our control, ensuring your complete satisfaction. No one else comes close to meeting or exceeding your needs.


Both graphics and enclosure projects go hand in hand, with installation for both being coordinated the very same night. The result is maximum brand exposure from the very first day the barricade goes up.

"They helped to streamline the process. Before using Boston Barricade there were lots of disconnects and a lot of headaches on getting installations. They are an excellent partner - like an extension of who we are. We work together and they work with me, not against me"
Melody V. - Marketing Coordinator
The Journeys Group

Examples Of Our Work:

Uniqlo - Construction Scaffold & Mesh Banner Wrap
Journeys - Nationwide Graphic Logo Band Program
Tommy Bahama - Mesh Banner Wrap Enclosure